As you study your words for this week's vocabulary development, remember to spell the word correctly and be able to match the vocabulary word to its definition.


Tuesday- Each child is given 1 word part to learn and asked to learn the meanings of each of the 5 words.

Wednesday- Each child is given the second word part to learn and asked to learn the meanings of each of the 5 words. Students should bring home the At Home packet tonight with the home activities for their study. (See Below) They should continue to work on these a page or two each night.

Thursday- The students are going to make cards with the word on one card and the definition on the other so that they can play a matching game to practice the words in school and at home.

Friday- We will play concentration in class to see if we can match each word to its definition. I will send the index cards home at this time so they may play at home to study.

Monday- I will give the students a paper and pencil test to match the word with each of the definitions.

Tuesday- I will test the students for the spelling of each word.


Students are asked to complete the packet of vocabulary for each word in their study. On Friday, students will bring home their word and definition cars so that they can practice matching the word to the definition.

Below is the work to be completed for each word:
1) definition
2) part of speech
3) antonym
4) synonym
5) Use it in a sentence.
6) Draw a picture.

If you did not bring your work home, you can either make your own sheets or try copying the sheets from the link below.

Vocabulary Practice:

Study the spellings and the meanings of the words nightly. Practice matching the word to its definition for the test on Monday.
Practice spelling the words for the test on Tuesday.

Thanks Happy Word "Detectiving",
Mrs. Ladd